The Changing World Of Facades: Which One Is Right For You?

For a fairly new field facades have come a long way. Engineers are developing more bigger and better facades that are complex, durable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing. The progress that has been achieved is unbelievable. Designs that seem impossible have been implemented in buildings all around the world.

They look no less that works of art, a masterpiece of each of the engineers working on it. Here we have narrowed down five of the most eclectic designs. Have a look and find if one catches your eye for your home or office building.

  1. Kinetic facades:

As you can deduce from the name these architectural facades are in a constant state of change. The elements change corresponding to climate, energy efficiency requirements or aesthetic beauty. Some examples of this model include the Al Bahr Tower in Abu Dhabi, which has solar panels that can be moved according to a computerized network according to the sun and energy levels needed.

You can even choose your tile panels, for instance. You can go in for popular options like the Lineo one – which offers a linear structure, with 3 mm deep grooves or go the custom way to make your own.

  1. Curved Glass:

It’s an increasingly common choice, especially in the UK. Latest designing programs and technology is incorporated in order to finish this design. The finishing in this work is the most important component. A special interlayer method is used to achieve the level of perfection it has.

  1. Fibre reinforcements:

In this case the material used in the component that makes it unique.  This technique is being used to make rain screens. Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic is the material used. The thermal performance of this material is the biggest advantage that it offers. The most striking building that can be taken as an example for this particular technique is the Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan.

  1. Weathered steel:

Actually a set of steel alloys that together form a very resistant material. It is not susceptible to the dangers posed by extended exposure to weather. There is no need for painting the structure for extra protection. It is estimated to remain as such for about two centuries with zero to little maintenance cost. The best example of this structure is the Broadcasting Tower in Leeds which is the brainchild of Feilden Clegg Bradley who is a Stirling Prize-winning architect.

  1. Chinese Facades:

They have been used since 2013, and already have a well-established market.  These facades create the bar for quality and perfection. The best examples of these facades are the thirty-seven storey tower at the Elephant and Castle in London and the British Land’s Cheesegrater.

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